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Nocturnal Pavane

Choreographic poetry with improvised music and visual arts.

Kangxuan Jin, Oda Olivia Øverbø Lindegård, Carlos Alves

This performance is inspired by a choreographic score by Janne-Camilla Lyster, of the same title, and is an attempt to translate poetry into different art mediums. ‘’Love’’ is an open score improvised music and dance performance created by searching for a dialogue between movement, sound, space and the body. It explores the relationship between two performers and a very present object – the grand piano.


  • Love – feat. Pavane av Maurice Ravel (1875–1937)
  • Nocturnal – feat. Ballade av Kaija Saariaho (1952–)


  • Marta Kosieradzka (dance)
  • Katherine Hsu (piano)
  • Carlos Alves (video)

Published: Jun 8, 2022 — Last updated: Jun 8, 2022