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Purcell: The Fairy Queen

The Fairy Queen is visiting the Norwegian Academy of Music when the Chamber Choir, with all the singers, performs Henry Purcell's opera with the same name. This is the first of two performances.

Marte Fillan

It will be a magical afternoon when the singers at the Norwegian Academy of Music invite you to a scenic performance of Henry Purcell's opera, The Fairy Queen (1659–1695). The libretto for the opera is based on William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream (1564–1616), so here we can promise a lot of love, some entanglements, mystery, elves, fairies, and exciting events deep in the forest.

Purcell's music is full of beautiful melodies, lively dance movements, passionate and virtuoso solo parts, and powerful choral pieces. The Norwegian Academy of Music's singers excel in solo and choral performances, as well as on the dance floor with the dance steps of the Baroque era.

A warm welcome to a magical performance that also lavishly celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Norwegian Academy of Music.

  • The dress rehearsal on September 6th is open to invited students from high schools with music programmes.


  • Ståle Ytterli (direction)
  • Elizabeth Svarstad (choreography)
  • Tone Aminda Gøytil Lund (costumes)
  • Knut Johannessen (artistic leadership)
  • Anton Steck (cocnert master)
  • Marianne Beate Kielland and Ann-Helen Moen (project managers)
  • Singing students from Bachelor and Master of Performance, Bachelor of Music Education and Conducting
  • The Academy's Chamber Choir


  • Hanne Marit Mordal Iversen
  • Mari Aschehoug
  • Louise Engeseth
  • Ava Line Shokooh
  • Lisa Lindblom
  • Hannah Hunslund
  • Camilla Bjørk Andreassen
  • Christina Herresthal
  • Tea Ban
  • Greta Andersberg
  • Lizaveta Hai
  • Adrian Lara
  • Magnus Løvlie
  • Andreas Jansson
  • Vetle Røsten Granås
  • Markus Rikard Djuve

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Published: Jun 26, 2023 — Last updated: Sep 18, 2023