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Ultima: Acoustic Composers (sold out)

New groundbreaking works from the next generation of composers.

For the third year in a row, the Ultima festival presents works composed and performed by students from the Norwegian Academy of Music. This is the first of two concerts, where the students present acoustic music through different ensembles and soloists.

Read more about the Ultima festival here.


Maia Viken: public opinion II

  • Ariane Jebsen Alvestad (violin)
  • Iver Bunkholt (cello)
  • Sigmund Toppe (piano)

Olivia Køppe: Down, down, down, there was nothing else to do

  • Ingvild Ness (flute)
  • Karen Elise B. Fridtjofsen (clarinet)
  • Cecilie Welde (horn)
  • Aleksander Zetterstrøm (violin)
  • Sunniva Norberg (viola)
  • Andrine Erdal (cello)

Torbjørn Haaland: Deconstructions of Pillars

  • Maren Sofie Nyland Johansen (accordion)
  • Eivind Holmboe Leifsen (saxophone)

Andreas Hellesøy: Skred

  • Marius Westling (violin)
  • Sigmund Toppe (piano)

Anna Berg: abrasjon II

Horus Quartet:

  • Do Phuong Nhi og Gina Bordini (violin)
  • Audun Klaveness (viola)
  • Cecilia Hutnik (cello)

Ida Grande: Qlikk

  • Maren Sofie Nyland Johansen (accordion)

Christoffer Håård: String Trio

  • Sigve Lieberg Stieng (violin)
  • Sunniva Norberg (viola)
  • Lukas Krefting Hovland (cello)

Hermod Bentsen: ApoDion

  • Linn Marie Haram (flute)
  • Åsmund Moen (percussion)
  • Mats Kirkebø (alto-saxophone)
  • Kathrine Kirkeng Oseid (tenor-saxophone)
  • Ane Elise Lassen (double bass)