Newly Admitted Students

Welcome to the Norwegian Academy of Music!

You are about to embark on a journey of learning and discovery. This list will direct you to all the information you need to know to kick off your academic career at the Norwegian Academy of Music.

Start of Semester 2019

Mon 19 to Fri 23 August: Welcome & Orientation Week for new international and exchange students

Mon 26 August: Regular classes begin for most study programmes 

Mon 26 August: Scheduling of lessons/rehearsal time with main instrument teachers, applied piano teachers and accompanying pianists

Tue 27 to Thur 29 August: CRASH CAMP for students enrolling in the master's of performance programs: MAUT, MADIUT, UTMA, MADI, MAUM

New international student in Norway?

Newly admitted International Students will find essential information concerning Residence Permit, Compulsory Subsistence Funds Deposit, Student Housing, and more on the NMH webpages for International Students

Check out the Study Start Checklist - Make sure you are prepared!

Follow the Study Start Checklist carefully to register for your courses and exams, and familiarise yourself with your responsibilities as a student to ensure that your studies at the Academy goes as planned.



Tone Jordhus

Senior Advisor
Academic Affairs and Research
Last updated: 30. June 2018