Study Start Checklist

Registering as a new student at the Academy is easy! Follow this checklist and familiarise yourself with your responsibilities as a student to ensure that your time at the Academy goes as planned.

1. Get your username and password

You need to have a NMH-username and password to access IT services.

You can obtain your username and password online, but only if you have a Norwegian national-ID number or a Norwegian cellphone number. If you don't, you must go to the reception desk on the 2nd floor and get it there.

2. Pay your semester fee (does not apply to exchange students)

Start each semester by logging on to Studentweb where you register for courses and pay the semester fee. Make sure that your mailing address, phone number and e-mail address are correct.

We strongly recommend that you pay the fee and register before you arrive at the Academy, as you will not be able to abtain a student card and access to IT-services before this is completed. 

3. Register for courses by confirming your programme of study and academic progress plan on Studentweb (Possible from 1st July)

  • Make sure that you have received a passing grade in all completed courses and exams. It is your responsibility to obtain the number of credits required for fulfillment of your degree.
  • Make sure that you are enrolled in the right courses each semester. For exchange students this means checking that the courses correspond with the courses in your learning agreement.

You will not obtain access to student facilities and services until you have completed these steps.

4. Get Student ID

 Student ID is now available in the app "Studentbevis".

If you need the semester receipt on paper, you can order it in Studentweb.

5. Receive your Student Loan from Lånekassen

Eligible students may apply for student loans from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund, also called Lånekassen.

The funds will be issued once the semester fee payment and semester registration have been completed.

The Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund will not release the loan funds before the Academy has confirmed active student status.

6. Set up your personal Academy e-mail account

Your personal e-mail account at the Academy is where you will receive important information regarding your studies.

In order to access it you must have your username and password registered at the Academy (number 1 on this list). Please set up forwarding to your preferred email account, or set up your smartphone to receive Academy emails.

7. Get your Key Card / Access Card

Your access card is created for you at NMH and will be available to you once you have paid the semester fee and completed your semester registration. To avoid waiting, we recommend doing this before the semester commences, so that you can get your access card as soon as you arrive in August.

Click on the link to learn more: How to get your access card

8. Check your timetable in TimeEdit

In the Quick Links menu on the Current Students webpages you'll find your timetable and schedules.

9. Add your elective courses

Deadline for adding elective courses is end of August, subject to course availability. Restetorget's announcement of elective course availability is made accessible in mid August.

Please contact Beatrix van Doorn at for questions and information regarding elective courses. 

10. Schedule individual lessons with your instructor(s)

New students will have to schedule individual lessons/supervision and accompaniment appointments. 

See lists of which instructors and accompanists you have been assigned (link will be updated August).

11. If you are an international student: Register for a residence permit

All foreign students must apply for a visa or residence permit and book an appointment to register with the police. You can do this with the online Application Portal Norway.

Find out more information about residence permits at


Do you have any questions?

For support or inquiries about registration, please contact us at

Last updated: 2. December 2019