Exams, reports and transcripts

General information regarding exams, final papers, and assessments.

Examination procedures are governed by university regulations. For general guidelines about evaluation and grading, deferrals and rights of complaint, see the NMH Academic Regulations.

Exam schedules, locations and practical information about your courses are available in:

  • TimeEdit: Exam information about instrument groups, examinators, location and accompanists can be found by using TimeEdit.
  • Studentweb: You can find an overview of all your registered exams under the banners "innsyn", followed by "vurderingsmeldinger". You will also find your individual exam candidate number here.
  • Course description: The Prospectus for your study programme gives you an overview of all mandatory courses. It includes all important information about coursework, assessments and exam dates required for the fulfillment of your degree or unit. See more information about elective courses.

Please remember

It is your responsibility to ensure that your exam registrations are correct and according to your plan of study.

How do I register for an exam?

Students must confirm their registered course schedule and programme of study in Studentweb every semester. Once your schedule is confirmed you will automatically be registered for exams in the courses you are enrolled in.

If you have postponed or need to retake an exam, you must register in Studentweb to take the examination at another time. Students are responsible for ensuring that the exam registrations are correct according to their programme requirements.

For NMH policies and regulations about exams, see Chapter 22 of the Exam Regulations (NMH Academic Regulations).

Written exams

Written exams are either compute or paper based.

Digital (computer based) exams

NMH uses the digital examination system INSPERA for all computer based written exams. Log on through nmh.inspera.no using the web browsers Chrome, Firefox, or Edge and your FEIDE username and password.

Students are expected to commit to the highest standards of integrity, and to understand the importance of protecting and acknowledging intellectual property.

Performance exams

Individual times for performance exams are set by the examiners and accompanists. If you require specific exam arrangements due to special needs, we ask that you contact the Exams Office by the deadlines stated.

Exam rehearsal schedule

Rehearsal time in Levin Hall and Lindeman Hall can be booked at 1st (ground floor) floor reception desk between 08.00 and 14.30.

For students preparing for instrument major exams in performance, rehearsal time in the concert halls is dispensed according to year and programme of study:

  • Bachelor students in 1. module: 30 minutes.
  • Bachelor students in 2. module: 60 minutes.
  • Master students: 2 hours.

Questions about exams?

Any exam related inquiries should be directed to the Exams Office: eksamen@nmh.no.

Exams Office


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