Transcripts and Diplomas

How do you order academic transcripts, and when / how do you obtain your diploma.

Academic Transcript of Records

Request your academic transcript through Studentweb under "bestillinger" ("requests"). Choose which address you want your transcripts sent to.

Make sure that your semester and home address are correct.

Transcript requests are normally processed quickly, within a week of submission.

If you are a former NMH student and you still have your Studentweb PIN, you can submit your request there.


Diplomas are automatically sent to your home address once you graduate.

Check list:

  • Have I completed and passed all courses required by my programme of study?
  • Have I obtained 240/120 credits?
  • Am I missing any elective courses?
  • Have I submitted the required Chamber Music/Ensemble Reports (Bachelor) or Repertoire Reports (Master of Music Performance)?
  • If applicable, have my transfer credits been approved?
  • If applicable, has my exchange period and courses been registered and approved?

Diploma of obtained degree

NMH offers the following degrees

  • Bachelor's degree 240 credits: Four years of study
  • Master's degree 120 credits: Two years of study

A composite Bachelor's degree of 180 credits is offered to students who have completed a minimum of 60 credits at the Norwegian Academy of Music, subject to application approval.

Diplomas are sent via mail to your registered semester address. It is therefore important that this address is correct and up-to-date when you complete your studies.

Documents following the Diploma

In certain cases a statement from the Master's Thesis Committee may be included.

Diplomas are issued automatically once the deadline of academic complaints has passed and the protocol is registered and complete.

Last updated: 5. June 2016