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Chamber Music 

All students that are enrolled in chambermusic classes will find relevant information on CANVAS on the chambermusic course page. 

Who is chamber music compulsory for?

Chamber Music is compulsory for classical students enrolled in these study programs:

  • Bachelor of music performance (KAUTKL) - all years except the very first semester
  • Bachelor of music in music education (KAMP) - all years except the very first semester
  • Bachelor of music in conducting (KADI) - only year 3
  • Advanced music performance study (UTBA) - Bachelor's level (1 year)
  • Exchange students enrolled in the Bachelor of Music Performance (classical music)

Note! Chamber music is compulsory for singers in the bachelor of music performance programme (KAUTKL) from years 2 to 4 of study.

Master students have the possibility to do chamber music as an elective course.

List of chamber music groups

Kammermusikkgrupper høsten 2019. (pdf-file)

How to search the list

To locate your own name and placement, open the list and type your name in the search bar, or use the search function (CTRL + F).

Registration for Chamber Music

A group consists of 3-10 players. Groups are formed by students. Registration of chamber music groups is possible twice every year. 

Deadline for registration is December 1st, 2019 for the spring semester and May 15th, 2020 for the fall semester.

If you do not find a group to join, we will help you find one. If you need to change group or if you need more than one group due to delayed course of study, please make sure to inform us.

Registrer your chambermusic group for spring 2020 here

Semester Schedule

Each semester, chamber music groups will create a semester schedule with their chamber music teacher. The semester schedule will include:

  • Names of group members
  • Repertoire of approx. 20 minutes (per semester)
  • Chamber music rehearsal dates
  • Dates for tuition with teacher
  • Whether the group will perform their repertoire at a concert or during the semester test. 

Deadline: The semester schedule must be handed in at the reception 3rd floor no later than 15 September (fall semester) and 1 February (spring semester). You may also attach the semester schedule in an e-mail and send it to: 

Download the template for the semester schedule here.


A group consisting of 3 or more players has 10 lessons (45 minutes) with the teacher at their disposal each semester. A duo has 6 lessons each semester. Lessons are compulsory when specified in the semester schedule.

Concert or semester test?

Each semester, chamber music groups may choose between two performance alternatives:

a) The group performs parts of their repertoire at a concert. The group is responsible for the practical organisation of the event. The chamber music teacher will determine if the concert is approved. If the teacher is not able to attend the concert, it must be recorded, video or audio.
b) The group performs 10 minutes of their repertoire at a semester test. Two teachers will witness the test and give the students oral feedback on their performance. 

Groups with master students must choose to perform at a concert and cannot choose the semester test.
The dates for the semester test will be announced here.



Teachers will report directly to the exam's office. If the group chooses to perform on the semester test, the teachers who witness the semester test will report to the exam's office. Marks will be given as pass/fail.

Norwegian Music competition for Youth 2019/2020

Chamber Music ensembles at NMH are welcome to participate in UMM - Ungdommens musikkmesterskap (Norwegian Music competition for Youth 2019/2020)  in Class C for chamber music. Participants must be between 19 and 25 years old and Norwegian citizens or have been resident in Norway for the past six months. Sign up before 1st of October to attend. Repertoire and video for qualification rounds can be sent in before 1st of November. If you qualify to attend the national finals they will be held at NMH between 16th and 19th of January 2020. 

Sign up and read more about the competition here

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