Expenses & Budget

Norway is an expensive country and it takes a while getting used to the high cost of living.


To give you an idea of the living expenses for a student in Norway, we have put together a modest budget for one semester (all numbers are approximate):

  • Housing: NOK 20 000
  • Food: NOK 16 000
  • Transportation: NOK 3000
  • Other expenses: NOK 15 000

Total for 5 months: NOK 54 000

During your first semester you must be prepared to use a substantial amount of money for setting up your household, buying suitable clothing for the Norwegian climate and obtaining required study materials.

Part-time work and work permit

  • EU/EEA students do not need a work permit, and can work in Norway after they have registered with the police. EU/EEA students must register with the police within 3 months after arrival in Norway. 
  • Non-EU/EEA students can work up to 20 hours pr week during their first year of study. When granted the first student residence permit in Norway, students are granted a permit to work 20 hours pr week, and full-time work during the holidays. The part-time work permit has the same duration as the study permit. The study permit for non-EU/EEA nationals normally does not allow students do be self-employed.

    When renewing your study permit, the part-time work permit is not automatically renewed, and students must document satisfactory progress in their studies in order to continue to work part-time.

Note that it can be difficult to obtain a part time job. There are few jobs available for students without Norwegian language proficiency. The University of Oslo's Career Services provide further information about part-time work.

Last updated: 17. March 2020