Housing & Student Residences

The student housing is administered by the Student Welfare Organization in Oslo and Akershus (SiO).

Reserve a SiO residence

Accommodation in Norway can be very expensive and you should plan and book well in advance to make sure you have suitable accommodations when you arrive in Oslo.

All our international students can apply for housing through SiO Housing. The Norwegian Academy of Music has no campus residences and student housing in Oslo is in short supply.

To apply for student housing through SiO you need to complete the following two steps:

1. Register on the Academy’s SiO residence list

The Norwegian Academy of Music has a limited amount of reserved flats through SiO. To be registered as a first priority applicant for student housing you need to complete this survey (survey not yet published) before 27 May 2018. The Academy will then forward the list of first priorities to SiO before their deadline for application. Students on the Academy’s list will have first priority when applying for housing through SiO.

2. Apply for SiO residence online

Apply for SiO housing on SiO's website before 1 June: https://sio.no/en/housing

If you have missed the deadline, we recommend that you still apply as soon as possible.

Guidelines for applying:

  • When you apply, even if the room you want is not available, choose the room anyway as it may be available when you arrive.
  • Sogn and Kringsjå are the largest, have the most international students, and are more likely to have available rooms.
  • You need to use your date of birth in the format of ddmmyy in the area labelled “Norwegian identity number”.
  • Remember to write ALL your first names (prénom) and family/surnames (nom de famille) exactly as was used on your admissions application.
  • You will receive an email with a 11 digits code when the application is accepted by SiO. Use this code to register as a user on My Page

Accept your offer

  • Always accept your offer from SiO, even if you prefer a different room or student village. If all the choices are full, SiO will assign you to a room in a student village where there are available rooms.
  • If you decline the housing offer, you will no longer be given priority in the housing queue.


Last updated: 23. April 2015