Residence Permit / Legal Stay

As a foreign full-time student with residence in Norway for 6 months +, you must apply for a residence permit to have a legal stay in Norway. There are different procedures for students from EU/EEA and other countries.

Citizens from Nordic countries

Please note that Nordic citizens do not need to apply for a residence visa/registration card, but should report moving to Norway.

Citizens from EU/EEA/EFTA

EU/EEA/EFTA citizens must apply for a registration card to have a legal stay in Norway.

Application procedure

  • Register online at UDI application portal
  • Book an appointment with the Oslo police at the Service Centre for Foreign Workers within 3 months after arrival
  • Bring sufficient documentation to your appointment:
    • Passport or National ID-card
    • Letter of admission (e-mail received from the Academy is sufficient)
    • Private health insurance or European Health Card
    • A personal signed declaration that states that you have sufficient funds to live in Norway. 

Citizens from countries outside EU/EEA/EFTA

Non-EU/EEA/EFTA citizens must apply for a residence permit to have a legal stay in Norway.

Application procedure

Before your arrival

  • Fill out an application form: by 1 July to make sure that your application will be processed in time.
  • Make sure that you have collected all necessary documentation:

Deliver your application at a Norwegian embassy/consulate in your home country. Book an appointment in advance.

When you arrive Norway:

When your application has been granted:

  • As a general rule, you will become a member of the National Insurance Scheme (health services) an be provided with a regular GP
  • You are allowed to work part time (20 hrs per week):
  • With a Norwegian identity number you may:
    • open a Norwegian bank account.
      • Some banks might also provide you with a Norwegian identity number / temporary D-number.

Oslo police contact information

Phone number: +47 22 34 21 00 (9-12)
Opening hours: Mon-Thur, 08.15-10.30
Address: Schweigaards gate 15 B Service Centre for Foreign Workers
Book appointments via the registration online (EU/EEA) or via telephone. 


Please contact the Administration if you experience any difficulties.

Tuva Aune Wettland

Tuva Aune Wettland

Academic Affairs and Research
Last updated: 25. August 2014