Subsistence requirements for student residence permit - citizens from countries outside EU/EEA

Students from countries outside EU/EEA must show the ability to cover living expenses by proof of funds amounting to at least  NOK 121 220 (academic year 2020/2021).

This money may consist of student loans, grants, own funds that you have in a Norwegian bank account registered in your name, or a combination of the above. If you have already been offered a part-time job in Norway, the income from this work may be included.

The Student Welfare Organization of Oslo (SiO) offers international students a temporary Norwegian bank account. Unless you already have a Norwegian bank account, we highly recommend that you apply for this system. Read this information on how to register and apply for the SIO Residence Permit Deposit Account. 

Important: If you plan to apply for both the account and SIO Housing, you need to apply for housing first.

The deposit is a requirement of the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration proving that you have the funds to cover your living expenses while in Norway. This is not a tuition fee to the Academy.

Last updated: 17. March 2020