OneDrive student storage service

OneDrive is an Office 365 cloud storage service that can be used by any student with a user account at NMH.

Read the user manual or download it here: User manual.

How to log on to OneDrive?

1. Open your browser (Chrome is recommended), press 'Log on'

2. Fill in your username. Here you have to use '' (not your full email address) Press 'Next'
Important! Do not tick the box «Always use this account» if you are loggin in from a shared machine.

3. Choose «OneDrive for Business».

4. Log in via Feide with your usual username and password.

How to move files from the home directory to OneDrive?

It is recommended to use Chrome as your broswer to upload folders directly to OneDrive

Once logged into OneDrive, open File Explorer on your computer and go to your home area. (1) Select all files. (2) and drag them into OneDrive in your browser (3)

Skjermbilde som viser hvordan man drar og slipper fra filutforskeren til nettleseren

You can follow the progress at the top right of the menu.

Skjermbilde som viser at du kan følge med på fremdriften av filopplastning i OneDrive oppe i høyre hjørne av menyen

Last updated: 21. September 2016