Print, Copy and Scan

Activate your copy card. Print, scan and copy on Academy printers.


> Printing
> Print from a private computer
> Scan and copy
> Refill your copy card

Use your access card to copy and print

If you lose your access card, please email immediately.

Activate your access card for printing and copying

  1. The first time you attempt to print while logged into the Academy network, a PUK code will be sent to your Academy-email address. Or you can log on to your Safecom account, and select settings for card / PUK code (you can also delete old cards from your account).
  2. Bring your access card and PUK code to a printer.
  3. Swipe your card. The display will indicate “Ukjent Bruker”. (If the display is black, touch to activate). Enter your PUK code and press "OK".
  4. Choose and enter your new personal pin, 4 numbers, and press "OK". Repeat new pin (once the card is activated, you will not need to use the pin again) and press "OK" to activate your card.

Your card is now ready for use.


You can print from any printer in the building

  • Print jobs are not sent to specific printers, but are linked to your username
  • When you send a print job, it will print on any printer where you swipe your card
  • Unclaimed print jobs will be deleted after 24 hours

Print on only one side of the paper (1-sided print)

2-sided printing (duplex) is the default mode of printing at the Academy. This saves paper and copy costs.

  1. Choose “Print” – in the dialogue box, choose “Properties”
  2. Choose “2-sided” in the drop down menu
  3. Click “OK”

Colour printing

Black and white is set as default for Academy printers. This saves copy costs.

  1. Choose “Print” and in the dialogue box, choose “Properties”
  2. In the Picture–tab, untick the box for Xerox black and white
  3. Click “OK”

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Print from a private machine

EveryonePrint makes it possible to print from your own private computer or device.

Print using webprint or eprint:


  1. Logg on to Webprint with you Feide/Academy username and password.
  2. Click “Browse” to upload a document to print.
  3. Choose the file you wish to print.
  4. Click “Next”.
  5. If you wish to print several files, repeat step 2,3,4.
  6. Log out of Webprint
  7. Swipe your card at an Academy printer and print your file.


  1. Send the documents you wish to print to
  2. If you use a non-Academy email address to send the documents, you will receive an email asking you to log on.
  3. Swipe your card at an Academy printer and print your file.

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Copy documents and papers

You can use any Academy machine to copy.

Swipe your card and chose “Kopiering” on the display to put the machine in copy mode.

Scan documents

Scan to email

  1. Choose “E-post” on the printer display.
  2. If you use the glass plate, every page will be scanned as separate documents. If you use the “bygg job”-function you can scan all papers to one document. Choose “bygg jobb” in the “Jobber” tab.
  3. Use the document feeder to scan several papers at once. If your documents have odd paper formats the printer will fail to scan them correctly. You might have to place a piece of paper on top of your document.
  4. Scanning will fail if your document size exceeds 25 MBs (approx. 30 pages). In that case, scan the documents separately.

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Copy cards for students

Students are allowed a print quota of 50 NOK, any additional printing and copying must be paid by the individual student.


  • A4 format, print or copy: 0,50 NOK per print  
  • A3 format, print or copy: 1 NOK per print
  • A4 colour print 2,50 NOK

Students can print and copy using any machine at the Academy, except the administration printers.

Refill your copy card

  1. Use Safecom to refill your copy card / access card.
  2. Use your Academy username (if you experience any problems try typing nmh/’your username’) and password.
  3. Choose the E-pay icon.
  4. Enter an amount (if you experience a server error, try hitting the F5-key).
  5. Choose how you wish to make your payment: Visa, Mastercard or Norwegian BankID.
  6. Any remaining balance on your card will not be refunded when you finish your studies.

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Last updated: 18. March 2015