SUT 2019
SUT board 2019/20. Photo: Milad Gholami.

SUT – The Student Committee 2019–2020

The Student Committee (SUT) is a separate body representing the interests of students at the Norwegian Academy of Music. The student representatives are here to assist you when you need advice or help from "one student to another".


The Student Committee's office is in room 111 in the House 1 corridor. SUT is elected by the students each spring, for the coming academic year.

Leader of SUT 2019/2020 is Elin Nilsen

International student?

What does SUT do?

The Student Committee works closely with the Academy's senior administration and its members act as student representatives on the Board and in council meetings. This ensures that our students are well represented in all Academy affairs, and that students always play a part in developing and improving the education offered by the Norwegian Academy of Music.

SUT is also in charge of the lockers, the social events during the upstart week for new students, administrates the practice rooms in the 5th floor and helps during the audition weeks. SUT is the connection between the Academy and the Student Welfare Organization in Oslo and the Norwegian Student Organization (NSO).

To see what we are currently working with

SUT also appoints studentrepresentatives for all committees at the schoo:


SUT also organises parties and social events for students at the Academy. Stay informed on the Facebook page.

Want to join us planning and realizing the parties? We put together a Party Planning Group for each party, just send us an email if you want to join! 


Do you have a good idea for a social event? You can now apply for funding to get that idea realised!

Last updated: 30. June 2019