Before you make a complaint

We want to offer a positive and inclusive study environment to our students. We greatly appreciate notice about conditions in want of improvement.

How to make a complaint

You can report needs for improvement in physical, academic or social learning environments. Like building deficiencies, excluding social environments, the lack of social initiative or disturbing behaviours. You can also attempt to solve issues through student representatives or the Learning Environment Committee.

Let us know if you experience any harmful, dangerous, unethical or criminal incidents. Examples of these are: criminal acts or breaking of rules and regulations, breaches of confidentiality, scientific misconduct, harassment, threats, or unwanted sexual attention. You can report these by using the report form, or you can make a complaint in person to your academic advisor or to student representatives.

It is safe to make a complaint

You can feel safe when you report unwanted conditions, and you can be sure that your complaint will be followed up. Any complaints will be treated with discretion; complaints should generally be regarded as a positive thing that can better our learning environment. You will be informed of measures taken to solve the situation, and of the final outcome.

Anonymous complaints

You may make complaints anonymously if you wish. Please note that we will not be able to notify you of any progress in your case if you do not state your name. In most cases a name is necessary to follow up complaints in the best possible manner.

Personal implications

When a complaint about a person – employee or student – is made, this person will be notified and will be given a chance to give their side of the story. Nonetheless, the consequences of notifying the person in question, will be considered in regard to spoliation of evidence, risk of retaliation, etcetera.

> Make a complaint or report unwanted situations through the report web form

Last updated: 15. June 2016