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Information Session About the Artistic Development Fellowship Programme

Fellowship positions for 2014 will soon be announced. Join us at the Norwegian Academy of Music's information session if you wish to learn more about the programme and how to apply.

  • Friday 25. October 2013
  • 14.00
  • 140

Event Details

At the session we will provide general information about the Artistic Development Fellowship Programme, including minimum requirements for consideration for admission and guidelines for the application proposal.

Application deadline: 1 December

Available apponitments will soon be announced.

About the Artistic Development Fellowship Programme

  • The Artistic Development Fellowship Programme is a doctoral level programme parallel with the Ph.D. research programmes
  • Fellowship period is three years
  • The programme qualifies graduates to Associate Professor
  • The Artistic Development Fellowship Programme is amon the first of its kind in Europe

Read more on the programme website (Norwegian).

Information in English

Art at the centre

Unique about this recruitment programme is the requirement of artistic performance at the core of the fellows' projects. The aim is to develop artistic qualifications at a high international level.

Artistic-academic community

The fellows are part of an interdisciplinary community whose members collaborate and associate across subjects of artistic specialization and from diverse points of departure.



Solveig Christensen

Senior Advisor
Academic Affairs and Research

Ivar Frounberg

Professor Emeritus