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Open lecture by Kenny Werner

The world renowned Jazz pianist and performer Kenny Werner will give a lecture at the Norwegian Academy of Music on Thursday 3 December. The lecture is free and open to public. 

  • Thursday 3. December 2015
  • 14.30
  • Lindemansalen
  • Gratis

Event Details

The lecture is part of the international conference Teaching of Practicing - new knowledge and change which is arranged by Centre of Excellence in Music Performance (CEMPE) 2-4 December at the Norwegian Academy of Music..

Kenny Werner is a world renowned Jazz pianist as well as a composer with a Grammy nomination and Guggenheim Fellowship among his accomplishments.  He is also author of the book Effortless Mastery, which has been translated into numerous languages and has changed the lives of countless professional and aspiring musicians.  Kenny is now Artistic Director of the Effortless Mastery Institute at Berklee College of Music and has a regular article on Jazz Education in Downbeat Magazine.

“Perfection. 360 degrees of soul and science in one human being. My kind of musician.”
– Quincy Jones om Kenny Werner