Njål Ølnes. Foto: Kimm Saatvedt

Public defense of thesis by Njål Ølnes

Njål Ølnes will publicly defend his thesis on musical communication in an improvising jazzband.

  • Thursday 17. March 2016
  • 12.00
  • Levin Hall, Norwegian Academy of Music

Event Details

Ølnes is jazz musician and has asked about how the jazz musician uses his ears and about what is it they pick up, when they sense what the fellow musician is going to do?

The dissertation is in Norwegian and is called ‘Fra små teikn til store former’, ‘From Small Signs to Great Form. Analysis of the musical interplay in free improvisation, using the tools of Aural Sonology’. It is presented within the programme area performance practice.

Read more about the project and the research, on Njål’s separate web pages.

The dissertation is presented as an interactive pdf of about 400 MB and contains text, audio and audiovisually playable figures. This is the first time a thesis at the Norwegian Academy of Music is delivered in this format and the thesis may be retrieved at the Academy's Open Access archive Brage. The Academy will not publish the thesis in print.

As a dissemination measure the Academy will publish on the web pages a lighter ebook version of the thesis. This can be downloaded on tablet, mobile or PC well in advance of the public defense. 

Adjudication Committee

  • Professor Per Anders Nilsson, University of Gothenburg (First opponent)
  • Professor Hans Weisethaunet, Universit of Oslo (Second opponent)
  • Førsteamanuensis Gjertrud Pedersen, Norwegian Academy of Music

Thesis and public defense is in Norwegian, and rector Peter Tornquist will lead the public defense.

At 10.15 am the same day and in the same hall, Ølnes holds a trial lecture, see separate event