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How to be a resilient musician in everyday life and in facing the world?


Anja Lauvdal og Heida K. Johannisdottir invites you to a lecture, workshop and discussion about how each of us and collectively can create the future we want, so that we do not have to be limited to solving the problems that drops into our minds there and then.

Welcome to a lecture, workshop and discussion!

Theme 1: How to become the most ultimate musician only you can be right now?

What does it mean to "be yourself" as a musician?

Can we challenge and question what success looks like – the high status of travel for example, or aiming at perpetual growth?

Theme 2: Projects - which projects do you create, and how can they be artistically developed in several directions?

How to develop your own projects, songs, works, repertoire choices – how to think bigger about your own individual projects.

Say you have a band, or are an artist, or have made a commissioned work. Then you make a record, you also go on tour.

Instead: how to use your own projects to create an everyday life that you want to live in and that is climate-friendly.

Theme 3: Other questions that will come up when talking about musicians' everyday lives.


  • Less travelling and week or month-long residency at the same club?
  • What are the artistic challenges?
  • Whose responsibility is a more climate-friendly restructuring of the music industry?
  • Corona and lockdown. Has the forced stationary reality inspired new ideas about what a musician’s everyday life can be?

The session is held in English

Limited seats

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