Trial lecture with Njål Ølnes

Ph.D.-programmet - prøveforelesning

PhD fellow Njål Ølnes holds a trial lecture before defending his thesis publicly.

  • Thursday 17. March 2016
  • 10.15
  • Levin Hall, Norwegian Academy of Music

Event Details

The theme for the trial lecture is "Å forske i egen musikk – forskningsmessige utfordringer sett i lys av ‘artistic research’ og ‘konstnärlig forskning’" (To do research in your own music - research challenges in light of 'artistic research').

Adjudication Committee:

  • Per Anders Nilsson, University of Gothenburg
  • Hans Weisethaunet, University of Oslo
  • Gjertrud Pedersen, Norwegian Academy of Music

At noon the same day and in the same hall, Ølnes will defend publicly his thesis, see separate event.