Creating the glass instruments

Making instruments of glass and a musical composition to be performed at the ULTIMA festival 2008.

Set of glass instruments standing on table
Set of glass instruments in the beginning of August 08

A collaboration with composer Ragnhild Berstad, professor Ivar Frounberg from NMH, associate professor Alexander Jensenius from UiO and associate professor Kjell Tore Innervik from NMH together with glass artists Lars Kværne and Pål Roland Janssen from "Egenart glassmakerne" Bærums verk.

Closeup of Lars blowing glass. Making a bowl of different layers of glass
Lars making a bowl of different layers of glass
Closeup of blowtorch on glass
Keeping the glass in the right temperature
glass blowing adding a ribbon with structure
Lars adding a ribbon with structure


Three sessions at Bærums verk:
Composer Ranghild Berstad, professor Ivar Frounberg, music technologists Alexander Jensenius and performer Kjell Tore Innervik worked with developing ideas and making glass objects which have a potential of producing interesting sound.

Sessions during the summer:
Making glass objects.

Session in August:
Experimenting with electronics and developing a setup to play on, a layout of instruments, lightning and sound possibilities and playing on the instruments to get an idea of what to use them to. The composer worked constantly in her studio to make a piece incorporating the instruments. Different ways into the material as what sounds do I want the glass artist to make to what can I use this glass objects to.

Sessions in August and September:
Ragnhild playing wtih the glasses at home, experimenting with vater, stick differnt playing technics. and working out a composition. Kjell Tore dropped by 3 times to se the progress, playing with the instruments to inspire the composer and to learn the thing the composer has found out.

24 September:
Organizing the set up: positions, height, finding the optimal gap, finding a place for the note stand, microphones, pedals, playing with the sounds, organicing the sound patch. Thinking about the project sucsessfactors, mistakes, unclearities, art - concept, the feeling of ownership.

testing contact microphones: geat signal. minor problems with feedback,
getting processing ready in Ableton Live, using remote MIDI pedal and faders.

The title of the piece: RAGNHILD BERSTAD: MODUS III FOR INSTRUMENTS MADE BY GLASS AND ELECTRONICS. This was performed by Kjell Tore Innervik at the Ultima festival 2008.

Blowing glass, making sticks
Lars making sticks
Pål adding sand the the surface and turns the glass inside out.
Pål adding sand the the surface and turns the glass
inside out.
Keeping the glasses in the right temperature
Keeping the glasses in the right temperature
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