Borrowing from other libraries

If you cannot find certain books, articles or scores in our collections, you may use our interlibrary loan services.

Interlibrary loan service to students and staff.  The library is a part of a library network so we can request books, scores and articles for our students and staff, from other libraries. Please send an email to or come to the library and contact one of the librarians directly.  You will receive an email message when the material arrives.

Borrowing from other libraries will often take some time. You must therefore estimate if you have time to wait until the material arrives. Interlibrary loans from Norway will often take about one week.  From abroad it will take longer time.  When requesting material outside of Norway we have to pay ca 100 kr, - per book or score.  We reserve the right to set limits  to the number of requests for ILL per borrower. The lending period may vary, as a rule it is 2-4 weeks.

Please, remember to search our online catalogue before you request ILL.

Interlibrary loan to libraries.  The library lends material (books and scores) to libraries abroad. Please contact the library by e-mail  The loan period is 4 weeks, with the possibility for renewals if the material is not needed by another user.







Last updated: 13. February 2014