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Scores for Orchestral Projects (for NMH students)

Scores and sheet music for the NMH orchestral projects will be available at the library 2-3 weeks before the first rehearsal date.

Borrowing orchestral material at NMH

Students may borrow parts by signing their name next to the appropriate number on the list accompanying the set of scores.

It is important that the parts are returned to the library as soon as possible, and no later than 1 week after the concert.  Sometimes all parts will be collected immediately, but it is the responsibility of the student to return her or his own part to the library.

Each student is responsible for the score part she/he has borrowed from the library, and if failing to return it to the library, the student will be charged NOK 300.  When the sheet music or score has been borrowed from another institution the fee might be even higher. The charge is determined by the agent from whom it is hired.







Last updated: 2. January 2014