Library Policies & Regulations

Library loan and replacement policies.

Norwegian Academy of Music Library Regulations

  • Students and staff at the Academy have access to the library services and materials. Students at University of Oslo's Intstitute of Musicology and Barratt Due Music Institute may borrown books, sheet music and journals at the library.

Loan period:

  • Books and sheet music: 4 weeks
  • CD / DVD (NMH staff and students):  1 week
  • Journals: Previous issues 4 weeks, latest issues available for browsing and reference only.
  • Orchestral and choral scores:  Max 1 week after concert/project completion.

Late returns (after 3rd notice) will result in revocation of library loans access.

Replacement of lost or damaged materials:
Borrower is responsible and must replace damaged or lost materials loaned from the library. If a loan is not returned or renewed at the library after 3 notices, the borrower will receive an invoice for the cost of replacement plus an administrative fee of NOK 350.

Minimum replacement fees:

  • Book NOK 500
  • CD  NOK 300
  • DVD NOK 400
  • Chamber music scores NOK 700
  • Large scores NOK 700
  • Choral sheet music NOK 200
  • Orchestral sheet music NOK 300
  • Sheet music, solo instruments  NOK 500
  • Miniature scores NOK 500
  • Journals NOK 300
  • For replacement materials at higher than the above guiding costs the borrower will be charged in full.
Last updated: 4. January 2015