Norges musikkhøgskole Norwegian Academy of Music
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COVID-19: Infection Control at the Norwegian Academy of Music

Information about infection control measures for audiences at concerts and other visitors to the Norwegian Academy of Music

Guests and externals have now access to NMH, but they must register at the reception with their name and telephone number.

Concerts and events are canceled for external audience the rest of this semester.

Measures for the prevention of infection

  1. Keep at least 1 meter distance from others.
  2. Face masks must be worn if you can't keep 1 meter distance.
  3. If you have a cold, or any other symptoms of respiratory infection – stay at home!
  4. Limit time spent in common areas.
  5. Wash hands well or use antibac

If you are infected or suspect you are infected with Covid 19

If you have a positive Covid test within 48 hours after you were present at the Norwegian Academy of Music, it is important that you inform The Municipal doctor is responsible for tracking infection, but we need to know about your movements at NMH to prevent further infection.

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