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COVID infections at the Norwegian Academy of Music

So far five employees, three students and one outsider have reported that they have been infected with the coronavirus.

All identified close contacts at the Academy are placed in quarantine by the relevant test and trace team. So far none of them have been diagnosed as infected.

Because of the tight restrictions at the Academy, there are few close contacts at the campus. We also have a good overview of whether they have been present at the Academy, and if so, where they have been.

All of the cases of infection are being followed up in accordance with the Academy’s internal routines and the health authorities’ guidelines. We have found that the municipal test and trace teams are quick to begin testing and tracing, and that any close contacts are rapidly identified and informed.

Report infections

It is important to prevent the infection from being spread at the Academy. Everyone who is infected, or who has had close contact with someone who is infected, must notify us at This will enable us to keep an overview and to impose the necessary measures.

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