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Nkoda is a comprehensive digital library of sheet music. The Academy's students and employees can receive a six-week free trial.

Access to Nkoda

This is a personal subscription, and you will get access to the database through the Nkoda app. No VPN connection is required – please see instructions below.

Free access will automatically end after six weeks from when you created your account. You must be connected to the Internet to access the sheet music from your computer, smartphone or tablet. You do not have access to the Nkoda app from your employee computer. If possible, use a tablet or a private computer.


The NMH Library appreciates your feedback regarding the Nkoda user experience. Please send Johan Jørgensen a short review.


  1. It is important to visit Nkoda's website from this link and go through the process before downloading the app.
  2. Once you're on the trial page, enter your e-mail address in the field provided.
  3. Click "Get startet".
  4. Fill out your details to create your account.
  5. Click "Next".
  6. Your account has been created, and you now have free access to Nkoda for six weeks.
  7. Click on the relevant App Store link to download the app.
  8. Once you have the app downloaded, click "Log in/Restore".
  9. Click "Or log in via e-mail".
  10. Fill in the details created on the trial page (step 4), press "Login" and you're ready to start exploring!

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