Norges musikkhøgskole Norwegian Academy of Music
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We welcome Ukrainian music performance students seeking protection

If you can't pursue your studies because of the current situation in Ukraine, you are welcome to apply for temporary tuition at the Norwegian Academy of Music.

To get an impression of you, the situation, and your musical level, and to be sure that a music academy is the right place, we ask you to fill in a simple form.

Some have contacted us, and a music student, who has fled from the war in Ukraine, is already at the academy.

The war in Ukraine affects us all. We of course condemn the invasion, and we will try to contribute as much as we can during this crisis.

Astrid Kvalbein Principal at the Norwegian Academy of Music

– We will not break contact with Russian researchers and students, but in this situation music do good – for our own part and to build bridges, says principal Astrid Kvalbein.

The crisis team