Kultur for samhandling

A culture for collaboration

NMH nurtures a culture of collaboration and inclusion.

Dynamic organizations are characterized by strong organizational cultures. They are based on shared core values, shared experiences and a willingness to work towards a common goal.

A strong organizational culture does not emerge on its own. It develops through openness, dialogue, and purposeful actions. Such a culture is built upon collaboration, contribution, and the interaction between different fields of expertise. Developing an inclusive culture demands collaboration.

Our ambitions for 2015-2017 emphasize nurturing a sense of belonging and responsibility, establishing fora in which students, faculty and the administration can meet, strategically building new leaders, and continuously developing NMH as an inclusive and inspiring community.

Principal aim 2025

NMH nurtures a culture of collaboration and inclusion

Objectives 2018

Stimulating collaboration and the sharing of knowledge

We strengthen our identity by working together, showing interest in each other’s work and sharing knowledge. We establish fora in which different fields of expertise can meet and interact. New technologies that promote collaboration, knowledge sharing and efficiency are key tools in such processes.

Inspiring a sense of belonging

We reinforce a dynamic and respectful working environment through dialogue and interaction based on our core values, in order that our colleagues and students may be inspired to perform to their best ability.

Allowing leaders the space to lead

Our leaders are agents of change within our organization. We evaluate and consolidate our working structures, while supporting the development of leaders at all levels to allow them to exercise their roles strategically and with confidence.

Last updated: 5. November 2014