Kunst og vitenskap i samspill

Interplay between art and academia

NMH’s research generates insight and innovation.

Artistic research is the core of our academic activity. The interplay between art and research produces knowledge and insights that challenge our understanding of music as an art form and as a form of expression. NMH facilitates this interplay and makes sure that our research results set the agenda for further development in music education.

Interaction between art and scholarship will be a theme of great relevance in the near future. NMH encourages this interaction with our knowledge, academic diversity, experience and results.

Our ambitions for 2015-2018 emphasize defining and designing a structure for research activities, improving research competence of the faculty and administrative staff, and stimulating dialogue between disciplines. Our strategy also encourages active dissemination of research results nationally and internationally.

Principal aim 2025

NMH’s research generates insight and innovation.

Objectives 2018

Generating internationally acclaimed results

We advance the borders of knowledge through vigorous engagement in research and development in all our fields. Our research results are internationally recognized as distinctive contributions to musical scholarship.

Sharing research results to relevant audiences

We share our research results with the academic community, with policy makers and with the wider public. We strive for a wider dissemination of our research results, and encourage active participation in the international community through presentations, articles and concerts.

Stimulating interaction between art and scholarship

We promote projects in which both artistic and academic competencies are central. We actively encourage dialogue between disciplines. Mutual respect, curiosity and critical reflection are core values of our research.

Using our research resources systematically

Our research resources are planned and deployed strategically. We strive to expand the financial basis of our research and to improve our competence in generating and managing projects.

Creating flexible and dynamic environments

Our research activity is structured to ensure that resources can be used flexibly and dynamically. The roles and responsibilities needed for this are clearly defined in our organization. We work in dialogue and collaboration with colleagues in Norway and abroad.

Integrating doctoral research in our core activities

We ensure that the research being carried out by our doctoral students is an integral part of our core activities. We deploy our doctoral fellowships to strengthen our priority research areas. Our doctoral students are, and will remain, vital to our development as a knowledge-based institution.

Last updated: 5. November 2014