Studenten i front

Students first and foremost

NMH puts its students’ autonomy and artistic voices first.

The Norwegian Academy of Music’s main task is to educate musicians that are prepared for an ever-changing working life characterised by independence, flexibility and academic diversity. The driving force behind our activity is our students’ artistic ambitions.

Our strategy is based on this acknowledgement. It emphasizes that the development of the educations we offer is guided by student perspectives. This challenges students to take charge of their own artstic development and challenges them to be independent and to think critically.

Our ambitions for 2015-2018 emphasize further developing our curriculum following these principles, developing new learning methods, and strengthening our talent development programme. Our ambitions take into consideration that changing student demographics may stimulate to academic renewal.

Principal aim 2025

NMH puts its students’ autonomy and artistic voices first.

Objectives 2018

Teaching characterized by outstanding quality and academic renewal

We combine our artistic and pedagogical expertise to cultivate productive learning environments, develop new ways of teaching and ensure that learning outcomes continue to push the boundaries of international standards of excellence. We continually strive to advance the quality of our education through evaluation and dialogue.

Promoting student autonomy and artistic identity

Our students are the driving force of their own development. We support and stimulate each student to develop a distinctive artistic identity and the capacity for critical reflection.

Adapting to changes in the music world

We regularly review our curriculum in order to offer an education that reflects and meets the demands of society. We preserve our cultural heritage, while renewing it through artistic, academic and technological development. We provide our students with fundamental musical skills while giving them the opportunity to develop their interests through a wide range of specializations.

Supporting and enhancing talent

We contribute to the development of talented young musicians in their local communities. We support and participate in regional partnerships, while maintaining our commitment to talent development on a national level.

Recruiting new student groups

We recruit students with diverse artistic and cultural backgrounds.

Last updated: 5. November 2014