Advisory Committee

The CEMPE Advisory Committee members are:

  • Helena Gaunt: Professor, Vice Principal and Director of Academic Affairs, Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London, England
  • John Harris: Musician, the Rednoteensemble, Scotland
  • Juniper Hill:  Lecturer in Music, University College Cork, Ireland
  • Martin Prchal: Vice Principal, Royal Conservatoire, den Haag, the Netherlands
  • Frode Thorsen: Professor and Head of Department, the Grieg Academy, University of Bergen and leader of the national Council for Music Performance Education, Norway
  • Frøydis Ree Wekre: Professor Emeritae, Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo, Norway
  • Tony Woodcock: Artist, Educator, Innovator, i “Scolopax Arts”, Spain
  • Carl-Christian Kure: Student, leader of the Student Council, Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo, Norway

The advisory committee gives advice on the centre’s activities in accordance with the plans for the centre and with the documentation describing activities and outcomes at the centre.

 The management of the Norwegian Academy of Music and CEMPE together with the Advisory Group, October 2015. Photo: Kjetil A. Bjørgan, NMH


Last updated: 23. March 2015