Steering Committee

The Steering Committee members are:

  • Vice Principal for Education Morten Halle (Committee Leader)
  • Centre Director Jon Helge Sætre
  • Director of Academic Affairs and Research Camilla Sønstabø Thorkildsen
  • Professor in Music Education Sidsel Karlsen
  • Horn Professor Julius Pranevicius
  • External member Monika Nerland, professor in Music Education at the University of Oslo
  • Leader of the Student Committee Elin Nilsen
  • Student representative Simen Skrebergene
  • Student representative Sverker Rundquist
  • DIKU representatives are invited to monitor the meetings
  • Secretary: Ane H. Kiran

The steering committee oversees the centre's activities in accordance with:

  • the plans that have been drawn up for the centre in line with the application and additional documentation
  • instructions issued by the board
  • the budget allocated to the centre

The steering committee submits an annual report on the centre’s activities to the NMH board of directors.

Last updated: 12. November 2018