Collaborations, network and dissemination

An important part of the work of CEMPE is building and facilitating network and dialogue with different partners. 

Nationally, we cooperate with "Råd for utøvende musikkutdanning" (RUM) (Council of music performance education". Every year, one of RUM's member institutions host a CEMPE seminar, and several professional resources from the national institutions are connected to the centre through CEMPE's innovation funds or through other projects. 

Intenationally, we cooperate with AEC, The Association Européenne des Conservatoires, Académies de Musique et Musikhochschulen, especially through the newly established “Platform for Learning and Teaching”. We are running the website, where European institutions for music education can share their experiences from research and development in learning and teaching in music performance education. 

CEMPE is connected to different networks internationally and nationally, such as RENEW, NAIP, Healthy Conservatoires Network, European Creative Futures, European Chamber Music Academy, Olympiatoppen, Sommerakademiet Voksenåsen a.o.

Activities for dissemination and discussion

2018: The spring of 2018, CEMPE arranged the seminar «Education for Music Entrepreneurship» together with European Creative Futures. Autumn of 2018, we arranged the conference «Becoming Musicians – student involvement and teacher collaboration in higher music education» together with AEC.

2019 and further: In 2019 and 2020 seminars and conferences are planned, related to musicians' health, interactino between theory and performance, interaction across genres, and improvisation in classical context. 

CEMPE talks is an arena for discussing relevant ideas connected to higher music education, open to students, teachers and researchers. From 2019, CEMPE talks is arranged 2-3 times pr semester. 

Last updated: 7. December 2018