Across: Explorational practising

When we practise, we may come across issues that we can’t necessarily specify or know in advance how to come to grips with.
Perhaps we want to challenge our own spontaneous creativity in our practising, and explore where a playful approach to playing or singing may lead to.

Explorational practising is to use improvisation and to not define the outcome in advance. That way, we may discover new technical areas; explore the possibilities within a certain musical material; or work with emotions and mental mastery of performing.

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All performance practices span a spectrum of musical approaches, and they all relate to many themes, such as listening, interaction, responsivity, interpretation, tradition, improvisation, community, ownership, identity, and different ways of acquiring and using knowledge. 
When we share our experiences, insights and different approaches to practising and performing music, we create a huge potential for learning and inspiration.

The CEMPE project “Across” consists of five meetings during Spring 2020. They are open for students and teachers, with “dialogue-jam” and music-making. Each event has a specific topic with one or more facilitators.
The events happen on Tuesdays at 1800-2000 in room U1010, with free coffee, tea, and waffles.
Bring your instrument!

Guro Gravem Johansen

Guro Gravem Johansen

Associate Professor

Didactics, Aural Training (jazz)