Picture of Robert Gjerdingen, Danuta Mirka and William Caplin

Oslo lectures in Music Theory Pedagogy 22. June 2020

Curious students and teachers will have noticed that the Norwegian Academy of Music has hosted a number of outstanding international scholars in the field of music theory and its pedagogy over the past several years. Between 2018 and 2022 CEMPE has organized lectures by guests, such as Prof. Robert Gjerdingen, Prof. William Caplin, and Danuta Mirka.
As part of the project “Current Trends in Music Theory Pedagogy (CTMTP)” two of the Oslo Lectures have now been published.

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Entrepreneurship Education in Higher Music Education 01. June 2020

In his project, Ben examines how entrepreneurship education can help prepare music students to sustain careers as professional musicians. His work is therefore highly relevant to CEMPE as well. This research note will give the reader a short introduction to his findings so far. 

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Today’s music industry needs mindful, curious and independent musicians. CEMPE’s Core Portfolio project seeks to increase music students’ awareness of their own artistic development through digital portfolios and personal guidance.

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CEMPE Annual 19-20 25. May 2020

CEMPE Annual is here! This year, we focus on the many student-led projects that CEMPE is so proud of, in addition to a number of high quality reading material. 

Music in the interactive room 16. July 2019

In this project, Johannes Lunde Hatfield in collaboration with Ph.D. fellow Ulf A.S. Holbrook will develop and establish a digital learning laboratory at the Norwegian Academy of Music, through which successful approaches to instrumental practice and performance preparation are thoroughly investigated and improved.

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Project Grants for Students 01. April 2019

Do you have an idea for a project, but do not yet have the funds to conduct it? CEMPE is now offering project grants for student-led projects! 


Horn students explore Alexander Technique 30. July 2018

Can a collaborative approach to Alexander Technique help students tackle stressful performance situations and avoid strains and tensions?

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Final keynote for the AEC and CEMPE conference: Susanne van Els 23. July 2018

We are proud to announce Susanne van Els as the third keynote speaker at the AEC and CEMPE conference in October.


Second keynote to the AEC and CEMPE conference: Lars Brinck 23. July 2018

We are happy to announce Associate Professor Lars Brinck as keynote speaker for the AEC and CEMPE conference in October.

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Keynote to the AEC og CEMPE conference: Monika Nerland 03. July 2018

We are delighted to announce Professor Monika Nerland as keynote speaker for the AEC og CEMPE conference in October. 


Field report from Brasil: The student becomes the musician 24. May 2018

In the period 17–24  April 2017 Thomas Strønen’s group Food (consisting of Iain Ballamy on saxophone and Simen Scharning as sound designer) and the drum ensemble Extended Ground (comprising six bachelor students from the NMH) toured Brazil to great critical acclaim. They played five concerts in São Paulo and Rio and held two workshops. This is a field report from Strønen about the students’ learning experiences during the trip.

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"My Concept of playing Cymbals" 08. May 2018

Bjørn Løken, University Lecturer of percussion at the Norwegian Academy of Music, has developed an online teaching programme for cymbal playing intended to serve as a resource in principal instrument teaching.

Profilbilde cello undervisning Truls Mørk gøy

Call for proposals: AEC and CEMPE Conference. (Closed) 20. March 2018

The AEC and CEMPE Conference "Becoming musicians: student involvement and teacher collaboration in higher music education" is taking place at the Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo, October 24-26, 2018. 

Musikalsk innslag ved Bjarne Magnus Jensen og Dragoș Cantea.

The sound of innovation 22. February 2018

“You can be a soloist on stage, but don’t go solo when building your musical career.” That was the key message when teachers and students from the European Creative Futures network met at the Norwegian Academy of Music (NMH) for a seminar on entrepreneurship.

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Music students shadowing their role models at work 12. January 2018

The job shadowing project gives the students at the Norwegian Academy of Music an opportunity to visit a former student in her or his current job. The goal is for students to gain insight into the work situation of one of their role models and to strengthen contact between the professional field and the education community.

Fasaden på Musikkhøgskolen

CEMPE awarded centre of excellence status for five more years 12. December 2017

Following a rigorous evaluation, NOKUT has decided to renew CEMPE’s status as a centre of excellence in education for another five years.

Education for Music Entrepreneurship 16. November 2017

Welcome to European Creative Futures’ seminar: Education for Music entrepreneurship 25-26 January 2018. The seminar is hosted by the Norwegian Academy of Music / CEMPE – Centre of Excellence in Music Performance Education, Oslo.

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Seven new innovation projects 18. September 2017

CEMPE is pleased to be supporting seven new innovation projects in the 2017–18 academic year. The projects are being conducted at higher music education institutions in Bergen, Stavanger, Tromsø, Trondheim and Oslo. “I am delighted that CEMPE is able to help contribute to new knowledge all over the country,” says centre director Jon Helge Sætre.

Royal College of Music inngangsparti

Performance Practice 22. June 2017

How do you best prepare to perform in front of an audience or a panel of judges?

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Sport helps musicians become better performers 13. June 2017

A music student can spend up 7,800 hours alone in the practice room during a 5-year conservatoire course. How do they know that they are using their time wisely and not least keeping their nerves in check? Johannes Lunde Hatfield turned to sports psychology to try to find some answers.

Dette er et portrett av Tanja Orning med cello

Art and commerce 02. March 2017

Entrepreneurship can be defined as spotting the opportunities and doing something about them, says Tanja Orning. In April the Norwegian Academy of Music will be hosting the first international conference on entrepreneurship in music.

Breathing life into group tuition as a teaching method 16. February 2017

– Many people think that group tuition on principal instruments is a recent innovation. That is not the case. As far back as the 1880s, Lindeman’s organ school taught principal instruments in groups of two. Experimenting with group tuition is less about inventing something new and more about returning to practices of the past, says CEMPE director Jon Helge Sætre.

Building teaching communities 16. February 2017

New incentives and arenas for communication enable teachers to share their knowledge and experience of teaching in new ways. Although bioCEED and CEMPE have different starting points of departure, both Centres for Excellence in Education focus on teacher culture and have clear common traits.

Advanced video analysis provides added depth for student conductors 17. November 2016

The conducting programme at the University of Stavanger (UiS) has adopted a device from the world of elite sports, namely video analysis. During a CEMPE-supported project the UiS has trialled the use of iPads and video analysis apps when teaching bachelor students on the conducting course.

Liz Lerman

Challenging the teacher’s role with a “human form of tuition” 04. November 2016

When Liz Lerman is asked to describe how her “Critical Response Process” came about, it becomes clear that the sum of her experiences as a dancer, choreographer, teacher, colleague and spouse has been a key factor. This could explain why she considers the method to be a “human” form of tuition – and why she cites her husband as an important source of inspiration.

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Dialogue and balance  28. October 2016

 —Being an institution does perhaps mean that you’re inherently a bit stuffy, says Jon Helge Sætre, Director of CEMPE. But there is nothing stuffy about collaborating with laptop musicians and the experimental Punkt Festival, is there?  

Kammermusikk kvadrat

Call for Proposals: Joint Research Centres Conference NMH November 1 – 3, 2017 07. October 2016

What does the future look like for the musician in society?

Interplay in genre crossover 01. August 2016

What does genre crossover demand from the involved musicians? How deep understanding for each others genres do they need? And who must “give in”?

A risk project 28. June 2016

Does the musician of the future need to take more risks? —The short answer to that is yes, definitely, says Peter Tornquist, Principal at the Norwegian Academy of Music. The Pavilion challenged students to experiment both with the musical work and with their own role as musicians.

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Musical habits – personal sound or idle clichés? 24. June 2016

How can a creative musician approach his own deficiencies and instead utilize his habits for further musical development?


Symposium on higher music education 10. June 2016

On 31 August – 1 September 2016, The University of Agder (UiA) and CEMPE host a symposium on higher music education in Kristiansand, Norway. The aim of the symposium is to create an arena for dialogue and discussion on issues relevant for teaching and learning in higher music education.

Saksofonist Ida Rønshaugen, portrett

How do jazz saxophonists use mental training? 20. May 2016

Master student Ida Rønshaugen Bredeveien has explored how jazz saxophonists apply mental training techniques when they practise.

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Invited her audience to moonlight concerts in the woods 10. May 2016

As a master’s degree student at the Norwegian Academy of Music, Tabita Berglund wanted to challenge the classical, conventional concert form. She invited her audience into the woods for a series of moonlight concerts.

Profilbilde musikkteknologi

Innovation grants for digital education support 27. April 2016

This year’s CEMPE innovation grants have been awarded to the developer of an interactive app designed to provide training for choral conductors and the creator of an online archive of principal instrument repertoire. Ragnar Rasmussen (Arctic University of Norway) and Julius Pranevičius (Norwegian Academy of Music) will share the NOK 100,000 pot between them.

Kvinnelig student sitter sammen med andre ved et bord i kantina på Norges musikkhøgskole. Ler til dem som sitter på andre siden av bordet.

Scholarships awarded to two master students 25. April 2016

NOKUT has awarded two master scholarships via CEMPE to two students at the Norwegian Academy of Music, totalling NOK 50,000. The two respective students will be exploring mental training amongst jazz musicians and employability skills amongst Norwegian music students as they face a complex labour market.


How to create a good project 15. April 2016

CEMPE’s eighth breakfast seminar in the series “Being a good performer is not enough” looked at how to create projects in which the art is allowed to develop of its own accord. For many musicians and composers this means balancing between artistic flexibility and structuring the project.

Tanja Orning

Forging new roles for musicians 14. April 2016

The working lives of musicians are changing. The future will see fewer permanent positions, and more musicians will have to create their own jobs. Tanja Orning is looking to explore which qualifications are required for musicians to survive in an ever changing, globalised labour market.

Read CEMPE’s publication “Learning together” 11. March 2016

One of CEMPE’s key priorities is to investigate how principal instrument tuition in higher education can be further enhanced. The six group tuition trials described in this publication are part of this initiative.

Kunst versus kommers

Students must take charge of their own careers 25. February 2016

The role of the classical musician is changing. This was the theme of the sixth CEMPE breakfast seminar in the series “Being a good performer is not enough”. Ingrid Røynesdal and Tanja Orning urged the students to take charge of their own careers.


The potential of the masterclass 12. January 2016

Masterclasses are a unique form of tuition, whereby the student is being taught by a teacher who doesn’t know them in front of an audience who is also expected to learn something from it. What do the students gain from participating in masterclasses?


– CEMPE to become a national and international spearhead of music education 12. January 2016

New CEMPE director calls for change of direction in music education while retaining the best of the old traditions.

Exploring free improvisation with a classical ensemble 08. January 2016

Clarinet student Marie Rotevatn has recently returned home from a very special concert experience at the Leipziger Jazztage. As an intern in the Norwegian Wind Ensemble, which focuses on real-time improvised music, Marie and the ensemble were asked to freely improvise music to accompany the 1922 silent film Nosferatu.

Kenny Werner by Alessandra Freguja

Open lecture by Kenny Werner 11. November 2015

The world renowned Jazz pianist and performer Kenny Werner will give a lecture at the Norwegian Academy of Music on Thursday 3 December. The lecture is free and open to public.

A violinist is transformed 14. October 2015

Is it possible to relearn how to play a musical instrument? This is the story of how violin student Sander Tingstad and his teacher Morten Carlsen went back to basics.

Ingrid Maria Hanken

CEMPE: – Our goal has been to share knowldege across disciplines and traditions 08. October 2015

Ingrid Maria Hanken was a key figure as Director of CEMPE during the two first years of the centre. In this interview she reflects on what it means to set up a new centre and on what CEMPE achieved during its early days.


CEMPE participates in international study 28. September 2015

CEMPE has agreed to participate in an international study on Centres for Excellence in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (CETL).

Peer learning using the Critical Response Process 23. June 2015

Assuming ownership of their own artistic development and identity is important in order for music students to become independent and creative musicians.

Profilbilde papirhatt

Students' perspectives on life as musicians 04. June 2015

Regardless of your chosen professional career, creativity should always be at the heart of what a performing musician does. Whether you are working as a full-time freelance musician or doing paid gigs alongside your permanent job, you will also need to know about the business side of the profession. 

Sang lysere

Innovation grants from CEMPE 03. June 2015

CEMPE has awarded innovation grants of up to NOK 50,000 to four development projects for the 2015/2016 academic year. The funds will be used to explore and develop higher music performance education.