CEMPE participates in international study

CEMPE has agreed to participate in an international study on Centres for Excellence in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (CETL).

The project (CETLFUNK) is being carried out with the support of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) for a duration of four years.

In addition to Centre of Excellence in Music Performance Studies at the Norwegian Academy of Music, three universities from Germany, two universities from the UK and two universities from the Netherlands are invited to participate in the project.


Aim of the research project

The researchers describe the aim of the project in these words:

“In CETLFUNK we aim at gaining a better understanding of the indirect effects of CETLs with regard to teaching and learning in higher education institutions.

Firstly we will focus on definitions of the quality of teaching and learning and the quality culture within the university. Our assumption is that besides academic and disciplinary definitions of quality other factors will have an influence on the quality culture, such as the goals and priorities of university leadership and those of external stakeholders.

Secondly we will study how the steering and control processes with regard to teaching and learning within the university change. Here we assume that the ability of university leadership to manage the process of teaching and learning in the university will be reinforced through the CETL.”

Last updated: 28. September 2015