Final keynote for the AEC and CEMPE conference: Susanne van Els

We are proud to announce Susanne van Els as the third keynote speaker at the AEC and CEMPE conference in October.

Susanne van Els is the third and final keynote speaker at the conference Becoming musicians – student involvement and teacher collaboration in higher music education which is taking place at the Norwegian Academy of Music October 24-26 2018.

Susanne van Els is Coordinator for the European Opera Academy, she is intendant for Conservatorium Maastricht's innovative opera projects, works within the research centre of Technology Driven Art, and develops interdisciplinary projects for the Arts Faculty. She is originally a violist and among the leading musicians in the Netherlands. She studied at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague (until 1990), where she was Head of Classical Music from 2009 to 2015. Until 2017 she was Head of the Classical Music department of Conservatorium Maastricht.

In her keynote she will emphasise learning processes going on outside of the conventional teaching settings:


How (not) to teach?

... looking into all the learning which goes on apart from conventional teaching 

and thinking about how our academies can host, encourage and facilitate this more, 

which touches upon larger topics of teaching methods, organisation of learning, student's choice and diversity (both for students and institutions)...


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Last updated: 23. July 2018