Innovation projects funded in 2018/2019

CEMPE supported seven developmental projects in 2018/2019 through the Innovation Grant Scheme. 

CEMPE's Innovation Grant Scheme is open for staff at all Norwegian institutions offering higher music performance education. We encourage staff to apply for funding of projects that have a high degree of student involvement, and include either teacher collaboration, interdisciplinary elements or use of digital learning resources. For the Academic year 2018-19 CEMPE supported the following projects: 

Music physiology  - Griegakademiet, University of Bergen
Project leader: Grete Ege
Sum : 50 000,-.

On the inside - Griegakademiet, University of Bergen
Project leader: Hilde Haraldsen Sveen
Sum : 50 000,-

Self study of music therapeutic improvisation through video recording  - Griegakademiet, University of Bergen
Project leader: Simon Gilbertson
Sum : 8 400,-

Increased interdisciplinary understanding between singing and dancing subjects - Norwegian College of Musical Theatre
Project leader: Norwegian College of Musical Theatre
Sum innvilget: 50 000,-

Sustainable musical outreach - The University of Tromsø 
Project leaders: Charlotte Thingelstad og Miriam Wiik
Sum: 50 000,-

«Finding Rest» - The Norwegian Academy of Music 
Project leaders: Peter Herresthal and Stephen Parker
Sum: 50 000,-

Challenging the diverse performing activities of students  - The Norwegian Academy of Music 
Project leaders: Gjertrud Pedersen and Unni Løvlid
Sum: 50 000,-

Last updated: 20. December 2018