Keynote to the AEC og CEMPE conference: Monika Nerland

We are delighted to announce Professor Monika Nerland as keynote speaker for the AEC og CEMPE conference in October. 

Monika Nerland will be the first keynote speaker at the conference Becoming musicians - student involvement and teacher collaboration in higher music education which is taking place at the Norwegian Academy of Music October 24-26 2018. 

Nerland is Professor in the Department of Education, University of Oslo. Her educational background is from music education, and her doctoral thesis (2003) was a study of one-to-one teaching in the music academy. She has conducted research on teaching, learning and knowledge development in different professions and expert communities, in higher education and in work settings. She was recently responsible for the part of the larger project Quality of Norwegian Higher Education which investigated aspects that matter for educational quality in educational practices, focusing on course environments that employ student-centered approaches.

In her keynote, "Beyond policy: Conceptualizing student-centered learning environments in higher (music) education", Nerland will draw on this research to conceptualize and discuss different ways of interpreting notions of student-centered learning environments, learner-centered teaching and student engagement. She will also discuss what student involvement might mean in the context of music performance education, and what forms of teacher collaboration can be conducive to student learning in this context.

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Last updated: 3. July 2018