Scholarships awarded to two master students

NOKUT has awarded two master scholarships via CEMPE to two students at the Norwegian Academy of Music, totalling NOK 50,000. The two respective students will be exploring mental training amongst jazz musicians and employability skills amongst Norwegian music students as they face a complex labour market.

Mental training

Ida Rønshaugen started her master’s degree in music education in 2014. She submitted her master thesis in May 2016. Interviewing professional jazz musicians, she sought to find out how they benefit from mental training. Read more about what she discovered in this interview.

The project comes under the CEMPE focus area of musical practice, and Rønshaugen’s findings will be relevant to the development projects Teaching of practising, Cross-genre practising, and Interdisciplinary practising.

A career in music

Tore Brox is looking at the challenges facing Norwegian music students as they enter a changing labour market. He poses the question “Which type of challenges do newly qualified musicians face in the labour market and how does their course of study prepare them for these challenges?” He started his master’s degree in music education in autumn 2015.

Brox’ master project ties in with the CEMPE development projects Independent music careers and Professional music practice.

CEMPE to gain new perspectives

The aim of the master scholarships from NOKUT is to inspire students to carry out master projects that will create new perspectives for the work of the centre. The students receiving the scholarships should be actively involved in CEMPE’s work. We will continue to follow Ida and Tore and share more details about their work.

Last updated: 25. April 2016