Second keynote to the AEC and CEMPE conference: Lars Brinck

We are happy to announce Associate Professor Lars Brinck as keynote speaker for the AEC and CEMPE conference in October.

Lars Brinck (PhD) is the second keynote speaker at the conference Becoming musicians – student involvement and teacher collaboration in higher music education taking place at the Norwegian Academy of Music October 24-26, 2018.

Brinck is the Head of Research and Development at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, Denmark. His research fields include learning, teaching and educational management, with a special interest taken in popular music, jamming and spontaneous musical communication, and learning as a relational phenomenon. His research often applies the analytical perspective of situated learning theory from a social practice theoretical perspective, examining changing relations between persons and the world, often across artistic and educational realms.

In his keynote, Brinck combines these themes, and will present an on-going research project under the title Learning through collective creative processes – a dialectic perspective. We often conceive of composing a musical work or writing a song as an individual endeavour. However, a vast majority of songs within popular music are composed and arranged through collaborative processes. How does this work influence the individual musicians’ development? Brinck asks.

He has observed two Danish rock bands with a special interest in collective compositional processes. A situated learning theoretical analysis of the musicians' changing participation is integrated with a work analytical perspective in the project. Through long-term parallel analyses of how the changing music and the musicians’ changing participation in those processes dialectically entwine, the research aims to contribute to our understanding of collective creative processes, also as processes of learning.

Dr. Brinck has published internationally in scholarly journals and books and serves as peer reviewer for a number of national and international journals and publishing houses.

Dr. Brinck also has extensive experience as composer and pianist.

Last updated: 23. July 2018