Valuable experiences from Community Engagement Lab in USA

Kjell Tore Innervik and Brit Ågot Brøske Danielsen participated in August in the Community Engagement Lab (CEL) 2014 session in Burlington, Vermont, USA.

The mission of CEL is to strengthen the vitality of communities with projects that bring people together, activate their creativity and amplify their voices.

Administrators and members of orchestras as well as teaching artists gathered in Burlington to create and work on ideas on how to engage new audiences in their community in artistic work. The starting point for the creative work was the theme My hometown and a commissioned piece connected to this theme.


CEL group picture
Community engagement lab, 2014

Eric Booth, who is the founder of the teaching artist profession, led the session which was directed towards fostering creative ideas among the participants. Innervik and Brøske Danielsen´s participation was  connected to their project in CEMPE, Independent Music Careers. The aim is to encourage innovative ideas and actions to create new performances for new audiences and new venues, and integrating this in the Music Academy's course modules.

CEL around a sketch
Kjell Tore Innervik working on group project at Community Lab

Practical activities, discussions, group work, reflection and performances contributed to valuable learning about creating ideas, collaborative and creative learning, workshop skills, verbal presentation of performances, how to engage an audience, and use of an entry point as a catalyst for aesthetic experiences.

The participation was most valuable regarding competence in how we can bring students out of a narrow conception of what it entails to be a performing musician, and further to release innovative ideas and new approaches. Innervik and Brøske Danielsen will work further on the ideas, tools and activities in several projects within the Master degree program at NAM.


Last updated: 31. October 2014