About CERM

The primary aim of Centre for Educational Research in Music (CERM) is to develop, strengthen and disseminate Music Education research and advance Music Education overall, in all its domains.

CERM is a research and development centre with the overarching responsibility of coordinating and facilitating research and development projects in the areas of Music Education, Music Training and Teaching, and Pedagogical Music Activity. This includes various fields of practice in Primary Music Education, non-professional music activity and systems of higher education in other fields. Research and artistic devlopment work at CERM shall provide research-based knowledge and support institutions' ongoing work for the advancement and quality of Music Education.

 Examples of research areas within Music Education:

  • Music instrument and voice teaching
  • Organization and management work for advancement of educational quality
  • Learning processes in performance and creative artistic activities
  • Teaching performance and presentation aimed at new target audiences and arenas
  • Music education for children and youth in primary institutions, arts and music schools, and recreational music organizations
  • Musician and music teacher education
  • Music education and vocational practice
  • Development of learning resources


Last updated: 25. September 2013