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CEMPEs Projects and Activities

CEMPE's vision is promoting excellence in higher music performance education through student agency, collaboration, diversity and curious exploration.

CEMPEs projects

Tomorrow's musicians

CEMPE's goal is to strengthen music performance education for the benefit of tomorrow's musicians. Among our efforts to achieve this, we initiate, support and run research and development projects at the Norwegian Academy of Music, as well as collaboration projects with other institutions nationally and internationally. We also support innovation projects at the other national institutions for music performance education in Norway.

These projects and activities are related to the following four areas of focus.

Musicians in society and professional practice

Focus area 1: CEMPE develops knowledge about the transition from being a student at a higher music education institution to playing an active role in the global music community and labour market of the future and creates meeting points between students, institutions, the music industry and society.

Student's artistic development

Focus area 2: CEMPE develops knowledge about how to better stimulate students’ artistic development and increase the quality and awareness of artistic research-based education to prepare students for playing an active role in the global music community and labour market of the future.

Performance learning and teaching

Focus area 3: CEMPE will advance music performance learning, teaching and practising by exploring and developing collaborative models involving teachers and students.

A healthy learning culture

Focus area 4: CEMPE will stimulate the development of a healthy and sustainable learning culture in higher music education and increase the awareness and knowledge of music students’ and musicians’ health and well-being.

Student-driven projects

Over the last years, CEMPE has focused more on student involvement. By hiring two student partners in the team and allocating funds for student-driven projects, we have seen an increase in the engagement amongst students, both in general and in the number of projects with and for students.

Innovation grants

Do you have a developmental project that you and your colleagues want to test out? CEMPE's Innovation Grant Scheme might be interested in supporting it.

Who can apply?

Instructors at Norwegian institutions offering higher music performance education may apply.

What kind of projects can apply?

All projects with a high degree of student involvement, aimed at increasing the quality and relevance of higher music performance education, may apply. We will prioritise projects that involve instructor collaboration, interdisciplinarity, or the use of digital resources. CEMPE can allocate a maximum of 50.000 NOK to each project.

Published: Mar 19, 2020 — Last updated: Aug 25, 2023