About CERM

The primary aim of Centre for Educational Research in Music (CERM) is to develop, strengthen and disseminate Music Education research and advance Music Education overall, in all its domains.

Higher Music Education is a priority research area at the Norwegian Academy of Music, and these research projects are dedicated to the understanding and advancement of all subjects within that field. This includes institutional frameworks, social contexts and relations to the field of practice in Primary Music Education, non-professional music activity and other systems of higher education.

Activities in CERM

  • Coordinates research and development projects about and for: Music Education in Higher Education; Music Training in Upper Secondary Education; Basic Music Training; Music Training in the Primary School System; Volunteer and Recreational Music Activity
  • Disseminates and connects the Academy's knowledgebase and competences within these areas to music institutions and industry
  • Provides a resource base for research projects in Music Education, nationally and internationally
  • Organizes symposia and workshops about Music Education Research
  • Participates in and nurtures contact and collaboration through an international network for Music Education Research

 Examples of research areas within Music Education:

  • Music instrument and voice teaching
  • Organization and management work for advancement of educational quality
  • Learning processes in performance and creative artistic activities
  • Teaching performance and presentation aimed at new target audiences and arenas
  • Music education for children and youth in primary institutions, arts and music schools, and recreational music organizations
  • Musician and music teacher education
  • Music education and vocational practice
  • Development of learning resources


Centre directors


Siw Graabræk Nielsen


Music Education


Sidsel Karlsen


Music Education

Last updated: 2. January 2019