Collaboration and networks

On this page you can find information about the partners collaborating with the Centre for Music and Health (CREMAH) as well as links to educational institutions and other useful contacts.

Collaborative projects

CREMAH is currently involved in the following collaborative projects:

National network for music therapy in the field of addiction

Several resource centres for treating addiction participate in this network along with the Norwegian Addiction Federation. Both music therapy research communities in Norway also participate: the Norwegian Academy of Music with CREMAH, and the University of Bergen with the Grieg Academy for Music Therapy Research (GAMUT at the University of Bergen/Uni Research Health).

The participants in the network test and evaluate the use of music therapy in the field of addiction, within the areas of prevention and treatment. The overall purpose of the network is to encourage practice-related research and development of knowledge in the use of music therapy, in order to foster motivation, self-awareness, participation and a sense of community.

Read about the national network for music therapy in the field of addiction here (Norwegian).

Consortium of Music Therapy Research

The Norwegian Academy of Music, represented by CREMAH, is part of the International Consortium of Universities with Doctoral and Research Programs in Music Therapy.

National Resource Centre for Music Therapy in the Child Welfare Services

CREMAH participates in the National Resource Centre for Music Therapy in the Child Welfare Services. This is a network in which GAMUT and the University of Bergen, along with CREMAH and the Norwegian Academy of Music, participate through their educational programmes in music therapy. The network also includes representatives of other bodies, such as municipalities, Aleris, Uni Research Health, the Norwegian Addiction Federation, regional knowledge centres for children and young people (RKBU) and regional centres for child and youth mental health (RBUP), as well as representatives from other Norwegian universities and colleges that offer an education in the fields of health and social science.

Other resources

Last updated: 4. June 2014