New publication from Karette Stensæth

Through the adoption of Mikhail Bakhtin's terms, this book presents a new creative theory called Musical Responsiveness.

The theory proposes that responsiveness in improvisation is an open-ended, continual process, and that it involves not just creating meaningfulness and harmony, but also engaging laughter, struggle, dispute, and misunderstanding. To become musically responsive is a process of becoming answerable to the client; and in doing so, the therapist undertakes ethical challenges and tensions. Although without immediate implications for what to do, this book offers new insights and fresh perspectives on the use of improvisation in the practice of music therapy.

The book is called «Responsiveness in Music Therapy Improvisation – A Perspective Inspired by Mikhail Bakhtin», and it's published at Barcelona Publishers. Buy it at

Last updated: 25. September 2017