More than a medium 30. September 2018

‘My role develops through the music I am working with at any given time, and each work brings its own unique challenges with it,’ says pianist Ellen Ugelvik. In 2017 she submitted her research project on the soloist in piano concerti.

Peter van Tour har lagt hodet på skrivebordet, på skrivebordet ligger det strødd seks utgaver av boken han ga ut tidligere i år, «The 189 Partimenti of Nicola Sala».

New initiative from olden days 01. September 2018

Peter van Tour seeks to breathe new life into today’s music theory by rediscovering teaching techniques from 18th-century Italy.

Darla-crispin-foto-katinka-hustad web2000.JPG

Wide-ranging music research 20. April 2018

Research and artistic development work are important for the way the entire institution is able to develop, with regard to both teaching and learning, and the quality of the artistic work.

Torrence forside

Percussion theatre - labelling who I am 11. March 2018

Percussionists are inventive and unconventional. Jennifer Torrence is no exception. But how does a woman gain a foothold in a male-dominated percussion environment?

Hapreet Bansal gående nedover Sorgenfrigata med fiolin

All good things come by threes 28. November 2017

She was three years old when she decided that she would be a violinist. Now Harpreet Bansal will spend three years studying the classical music of northern India. 


NMH at the Venice Biennale 14. June 2017

Jennifer Torrence and asamisimasa with the project Music with the Real, are billed to appear during this year's biennale, along with other Nordic artistic research projects.

Dette er et s/h bilde av Ivar Grydeland med gitar der han tapper på en ipad

New project receives funding 20. March 2017

The project Goodbye Intuition has received NOK 2.1 million from the Project Programme for Artistic Research.

Darla Crispin reflekteres i vinduet

The questions complement the art 22. June 2016

My research is rooted in my experience as a performer but also in my reflections on what this experience means.

Nina Nielsen på hustak

Black metal – rebellion, panic and acceptance 14. June 2016

“Black metal can tell us a great deal about what it means to be Norwegian and what music can mean for solidarity and expressions of differentness in society. I think we’d be unwise to ignore its history.”

Ingfrid Breie Nyhus-1 foto Geir Dokken.jpg

Tracing the traditional 06. April 2016

At the end of 2015 pianist Ingfrid Breie Nyhus released the recording Slåttepiano, presenting piano versions of traditional Hardanger fiddle tunes. This is the third recording she has made as part of her doctoral research project, and it marks the completion of the artistic portion of the project.

Lasse Thoresen ser tankefullt ut av vinduet

The ear “calls the tune” 18. March 2016

Imagine that we had to talk about paintings without saying the names of the colours. Yet we do talk about music without putting a name to the sounds we hear. Lasse Thoresen wants to give us words for talking about sounds.

Ivar Grydeland med mange rare instrumenter

Tenacious, but taciturn 07. March 2016

Guitarist Ivar Grydeland opposes most labels one wishes to place on him. Perhaps this is the driving force behind his unique research project?